EBT powder

Olivine Supplier

Olivine, or dunite, is a dark green or brownish color, and is one of the most widely used refractory minerals as a furnace EBT powder. Due to its low free silica content and its chemical and physical properties, olivine is also widely used in the steel industry and in the manufacture of refractories.

EBT powder

How is olivine used in the steel industry?

To prevent the penetration of slag into the liquid steel, electric arc furnaces are often fitted with an eccentric taphole (EBT). To preserve the taphole during the melting process of the steel, an olivine-based filler is introduced into the taphole. The olivine, by forming a sintered layer, prevents the penetration of melt into the taphole volume. When the tap hole is opened, the olivine is removed by the pressure of the liquid fusion material. 

Therefore, using an olivine-based filler in the arc furnace taphole optimizes its natural opening rate. Promoting the natural opening of the tap hole increases operator safety and extends the life of the refractories; it avoids handling, torching, and unblocking the tap hole. 

Olivine is also used in the production of many types of refractories used in various industries.

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