COMAP SAS®, partner worldwide for steel mills and industries

For more than 40 years, we have been assisting the Steel Industry with their supplies of consumables, specific materials, financial solutions, and technical support.

Fournisseur consommable pour la sidérurgie
To over 40 destinations worldwide

Our extensive experience in the steel industry allows us to achieve a high level of responsiveness in handling your requests.

Strategic partnerships

Build a sustainable partnership with several producers and users

Quality control

Regular checks of the production facilities and the final products of our staff, producer staff and third-party laboratories.

International shipment

Deliver worldwide within the specified timeframe

Technical assistance

Provide global technical support to optimize the performance of the products delivered

Delivery on site

Delivering our products to the address provided

Financial solution

Supporting our partners with tailor-made financing solutions

Our leading products

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Our team

michel rohrbacher


President - Doctor of Chemistry
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General Manager
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Séverine MARQUIS

Commercial Manager
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antonella drouhot

Antonella DROUHOT

Sales Assistant
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