Zinc ingots

Zinc is an essential material in the galvanizing process. It is used as a sacrificial anode to protect steel and iron from corrosion. Zinc reacts with oxygen in the air to form a protective layer of zinc oxide, which prevents further oxidation of the metal. Zinc ingots are produced by melting zinc scrap and casting it into ingots. The ingots are then used in the galvanizing process.


Use of 99.995% purity Zinc for galvanizing

Zinc ingots used for galvanizing must meet certain purity requirements. They must be at least 99.995% pure and have a low lead content. Lead is added to zinc to improve its casting properties, but it can cause problems in the galvanizing process. Lead can contaminate the zinc bath and cause defects in the steel. It can also lead to poor adhesion of the zinc coating to the steel. Zinc ingots with a high lead content are not used for galvanizing.

The ingots are then delivered to galvanizing plants, where they are used in the galvanizing process.

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