Magnesia bricks

Supply of magnesia bricks for industry

Magnesia brick is a basic refractory composed of 87% to 99% of magnesium oxide. It is one of the most popular refractory materials and finds use in a wide variety of industries. It has several advantages over other refractories, including good thermal shock resistance, high mechanical strength and resistance to temperatures up to 1750°C. Its low thermal conductivity also makes it an ideal basic refractory for steelmaking.

The different types of magnesia bricks

Magnesia bricks can generally be classified into two categories, tempered magnesia bricks and burned magnesia bricks. 

Tempered magnesia bricks, which is chemically bonded and can be doped with antioxidants, generally contains more than 95% magnesium oxide, enriched with graphite, are more resistant to thermal shock, and in the case of use in the steel industry, tempered magnesia bricks will be more resistant to contact with molten steel and liquid slag. 

Burned magnesia bricks can be doped with chromites and contain between 87% and 95% magnesium oxide.

Magnesia bricks

What are the applications of magnesia bricks?

Magnesia bricks are used in the following applications:

  • Walls and bottoms of electric arc furnaces
  • Melting furnace for the glass industry 
  • Lining for rotary cement kilns
  • Tunnel kiln lining 
  • Lining in non-ferrous metallurgy furnaces 
  • Lining for oxygen converters 
  • Open hearth furnace for the steel industry 

Properties of magnesia bricks

Using magnesia bricks can have several advantages: 

  • high thermal conductivity 
  • High temperature resistance 
  • Good thermal shock resistance
  • Resistance to alkali slag erosion
  • Low thermal expansion 

It is important to choose quality magnesia bricks appropriate to the application.

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