Metallurgical samplers

A metallurgical sampler is a device used to obtain a representative sample during the composition of steel in a furnace or ladle. During the casting process, samples are also taken to determine the final composition of the alloy.

How to sample steel

Steel sampling is done by means of a sampler. This is immersed for 4 to 6 seconds in the liquid steel, preferably at a temperature above 1500 C°, and then quickly analyzed to obtain the level of carbon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur etc…


Supplier of samplers for the metallurgy industry

Sampling is a key process in steelmaking, providing assurance of the composition and properties of the alloy.  That is why it is important to use reliable and high-quality samplers to carry out this most important step in the production process.

Thanks to the technological means and the advancement of science, the samplers allow to obtain a quick analysis of the liquid bath, which allows a prompt action on the composition of the alloy to optimize the quality control of the steel produced.

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