Vibrated molded graphite

Supply of vibrated molded graphite

Vibrated molded graphite, also known as vibrated moulded graphite, is made from grains of graphitized coke molded by vibration. This process enables the raw materials to be compressed into homogeneous rectangular or round blocks. 

Vibrated molded graphite can be used to produce large parts. With a lower density than isostatic graphite, it can be the perfect and cost-effective solution if high strength is not required. Its structure is homogeneous and its properties almost isotropic. Vibrated cast graphite has a low ash content. 

Properties of vibrated molded graphite

Vibrated molded graphite is used for the following properties:

  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion 
  • Good thermal conductivity 
  • High thermal and chemical resistance
Vibrated molded graphite

What are the applications of vibrated molded graphite?

Furnace parts: heating elements, plates, linings, heat shields and others on plan

  • Anodes and cathodes
  • Parts for heat exchangers
  • Crucibles for melting and reduction
  • Molds 
  • All other shaped parts according to drawing

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