Alumina bricks

Alumina bricks for industry

Alumina brick can contain between 30 and 99% AL2O3. Two ranges of aluminous bricks can be distinguished, fireclay brick and high alumina brick. Depending on its characteristics, alumina brick can be used in a wide variety of equipment such as: blast furnaces, arc furnaces, ladle furnaces, cement kilns, glass furnaces, anode baking ovens, petrochemicals, coke ovens. 

Dolomite bricks

Importance of alumina brick in the steelmaking process

Alumina brick is a kind of refractory brick used, among other things, in the steelmaking process. Made from alumina, or aluminum oxide, chamotte, it is a high melting ceramic material. Alumina brick is used as a lining for furnaces and other high temperature equipment. It helps protect steel from corrosion and heat damage. In addition, alumina brick can improve the efficiency of the steelmaking process by helping to conduct heat more evenly. Therefore, alumina brick is an essential material in the steelmaking process. 

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